CogitoPraxis 360º corporate citizenship advice is designed to support business and professional leaders as they seek to transform the role of their organisations in society. Firms are increasingly judged on all their actions by all their stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, the public, media, government, regulators as well as shareholders. Current indicators of stakeholder capitalism all fall short. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) varies from firm to firm. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics are meant for investors and too frequently become a box-ticking compliance exercise. Corporate ‘purpose’ is often a new label on an old business model. Still, many organisations accomplish many admirable actions. But those actions tend to be dispersed and dissociated. Even when an organisation takes a 360º approach to corporate citizenship, it cannot stop there. Corporate citizenship requires continuous improvement. It will never be finished or complete. CogitoPraxis aims to help organisations assess, attain and sustain the finest 360º corporate citizenship to which they can aspire.