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CNN, 9 September 2022

Nicholas Dungan, an adjunct professor at Sciences Po in Paris and CEO of CogitoPraxis, a business and leadership consultancy, said that Elizabeth exemplified the highest elements of disciplined, professional leadership. “You don’t need political power …
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Effective Strategy

Precision, then process by Nicholas Dungan Strategy consists of a clear, realistic goal and a clear, realistic path to that goal. That is all. Anything else is not strategy. Dreams or vague objectives do not constitute strategy:...
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Disciplined Leadership

True leaders are made, not just born by Nicholas Dungan Leadership takes work. To be sure, some individuals come into this world with qualities and talents that suit them well for future leadership: charisma, articulateness, penetrating insight,...
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Authentic Influence

Thinking it through before acting upon it by Nicholas Dungan Before we attempt to exercise influence, we ought to analyse what we mean by influence and what the meaning of that influence implies. First and foremost, if we are decent people seeking to use our influence towards benificent ends, the...
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Harold Nicolson reveals the principles of professionalism. by Nicholas Dungan Sir Harold George Nicolson KCVO CMG was the product of a patrician Victorian and Edwardian background and upbringing. The son of a future ambassador and the grandson of an admiral, he was born in Persia, where his father, later The Lord Carnock, was chargé d’affaires at the British Embassy....
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Le Fil de l’épée

Charles de Gaulle’s masterpiece on leadership — and himself by Nicholas Dungan In the concise canon of genuinely ingenious books on leadership — of which Machiavelli’s The Prince is perhaps the most celebrated and the most cited — Charles de Gaulle’s Le Fil de l’épée [The Edge of the Sword ] can rightly claim pride of place. The work has often 1 been described as the handbook on leadership which the younger scholar-soldier Charles wrote...
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